Hiking Patagonia

Auroa Borealis, (Norway) 2015

Moroccan Blue City (2017)

Develop a palate for Asain cusine  (Beijing and Japan 2016)

Floating markets, Thailand

India Spice Tour

St. Regis, Bora Bora

Yucatan Peninsula

Bogota (Summer 2016)


Wall of China, Yunnan Stone Forest

New Zealand by car take  a boat to Antarctic


Athens and Santorni, Greece

Vancouver & Seattle/San Juan Islands whale watching

Churchill Polar Bears, Canada

Gretna Green, Wallace memorial Scotland

Russia (2015)

Hiking Iceland, Blue Lagoon,  Icecaves

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro in the off season

London, The Cliffs of Dover & the English Countryside

Spain (This Year 2016)

Morocco (This Year 2016)

Ireland Countryside

Israel, Jordan, Petra

Azores Islands & Lisbon (This Year 2016)

Seal Island &Safari South Africa



Mexico City, sample authentic tacos  (November 2015)

Ankor Wat & killing fields, Cambodia

Lake Baikal, Siberia

Istanbul, Ankara

Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia via car


Hike to Base Camp, Nepal

Matterhorn, Switzerland



Croatia, Slovenia, Montanagro, Lake Bled

Kayaking with manatees, 3 sisters, Florida

Australia, well part of it

The Redwoods & Yosemite California

Washington State/Oregon  Fall 2015

French Pastry Cooking Class

Go back to Italy or France (extended countryside)

Hawaii volcanos

Sit in a Buddhist temple  (Kyoto, Japan 2016)


Japan, Tokyo & Cherry Blossoms ( Winter 2016)

Banff National Park, Canada

Glacier National Park, Montana

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