The BILTMORE ESTATE—The Vanderbilts’ Heirloom

Ashville, North Carolina

A STATEMENT. That's what George Vanderbilt intended to make by building the grounds pictured here.

A STATEMENT. That’s what George Vanderbilt intended to make by building the grounds pictured here.

The fifty-nine dollar admission to the largest residence in North America is well worth the splurge. Save on regular admission prices by booking tickets online a week before your venture.

Marvel at the relaxing views 8,000 acres of gardens and previous hunting property with grand views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. During your bus ride up the hill, the initial view of the house is aweing. The goliath of an elegant house looks as if it belongs in a mythical story.  Most Americans fail to realize that this fairy-tale, palatial home exists on our continent. It’s the largest residence in America.

The 150 room chateau will take most of the morning to explore. The rooms depict the wealthy family’s way of life at the turn of the century. The swimming pool, bowling alley, and refrigeration contrivances prove particularly remarkable corridors and points of interest for visitors. It’s neat to see technologies so old.

Pack a picnic for lunch at the Bass Pond. Watch the ducklings in spring and share your breadcrumbs with your newfound friends. Antler Hill Village hosts guided winery tours and free wine tasting. Even the most inexperienced sommeliers and wine-dabblers will enjoy this educational experience. The newly founded winery brings a new-age vibe for visitors to this richly historical estate.

Anyone who appreciates the philosophy of the American Dream . . . or “pulling yourself up by one’s bootstrap” to improve a situation by one’s own efforts should appreciate the Biltmore Estate. The family’s fortune was built on the family’s patriarch’s shoulders. Cornelius Vanderbilt began his own business at age 16. He had 13 children. His brains and brute elevated his family and the United States to a wealthier status. His children furthered the success of the family name. His son, George Vanderbilt, had the estate built. The house took six years to construct and opened in 1895. Essentially, the Biltmore Estate represents the pinnacle of a luxurious life that a family can afford through success in business.

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