Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Florence. Rich with history, yes, but slightly boring in comparison to other Western European cities I have been to. Save your money folks (or rather get scammed out of it via Gypsies here).


Not impressed in the Renaissance City

The Duomo is beautiful, inside and out. But after about an hour of exploration in the historic district you will find that your expectations have not been met. It is true what they say though, excellent Pizza. We ate it for every meal.


The outside of the Duomo or “Dome”, the main attraction of Florence. There are (frankly) many similar splendid buildings in Europe.

Our stay would have been better if we would have had the time to see the burial sites of Davinci and Galileo. The Uffizi Gallery is exceptional, I particularly enjoyed Bottecelli’s The Birth of Venus.

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