An Ostrich’s Quest for Culture

Ostrich 2

You can come out now. That’s my message to this little ostrich (however not so little she may be!).

Why the crazy ostrich? Well, I hate to break it to you but– you see– we/us/you and I . . . I think we have a natural predisposition to be like ostriches. However fierce and and fearsome we may look, sometimes we perfer to hide in the sand. The sand represents all things comfortable, all things easy, all things comfort zone. This uncanny thought occured to me whilst listening to a familiar Coldplay song. About once a month I get on a Coldplay kick.

“How long am I gonna stand,
with my head stuck under the sand?”   Name that song! No Googling, googly eyes.

BEAR with me.Don’t worry, I won’t make you suffer through another one of my animal cartoons. Although I am pretty proud of that dang Ostrich! Skills!

When was the last time that you actually went somewhere to experience culture? I am so guilty of this! I’m a checklist traveller. It’s the type A in me. I’m also a (what I call) strong arm or whirlwind traveler. I want to see as much as I can, in a short amount of time. I’m prepared to make *hit happen, regardless of the circumstances.

No time to stop and smell the roses here.

I caught myself making a list today for the next adventure. However spectacular, however beautiful these sights might be, together they cannot  compare to the worth of the new cultural experience that you will feel. Think of it as that fancy feeling you get whilst walking the streets of Oui-Pari. See, even reading it with the silent S makes you feel a bit different eh?Being a part of somewhere refined, a seemingly impossible vibe to feel while looking out of the train window at seeming miles of graffiti. Strange? Oui. Thats an obvious, easy culture to pick up on . . . I’ve been thinking about Paris lots lately. I want to “feel” other places.

That’s my big challenge for myself this month. It’s easy to write about the sights. The trip was beautiful blah, blah, blah. Obvious. But how are the people different? What’s going on in that part of the world that isn’t going on in other places? What new ideas do they have? What edible concoctions  do they propose?

Girl on a mission. I’ve flown the coop.

Vienna–Ljubljaba–Zagreb– Munich–Bratislava–Gothenburg

What’s in store? What’s new? Worthwhile? Tasty? Reccomendations please!

Also, I’m planning a trip to South (or central) America in a few months. I know I have a few faithful readers here! Your suggestions are worth your weight in gold to me.

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