It seems like the world could use a little more perspective, a little more travel, tolerance, and acceptance.

When we first introduce ourselves in conversation we often start with,  “What do you do?” I’ve grown to despise that question because I’m not defined by my day job.  Instead I’ve started asking people, “Well, who are you?”

I’m Katie. I refuse to be put inside of a box.  I like to pack light, eat heavy, and see as many things as possible during this short stay on earth. I never thought I’d climb to the top of a pyramid, or  raft a Colorado river without drowning, see the Northern Lights on a whim, or walk barefoot in the dust alongside children in Mexican  villages–  but I’ve done those things. I’m on an adventure. The biggest adventure of all . . . living a richer and fuller life. I write partially to share my experiences with others, hoping they’ll take a risk and try something new, even maybe teaching them how to save a few dollars in the process. But mostly I write so that one day when I am old and gray, if the Good Lord wills that I lose my memory–that I can relive the fact that I went and saw, and did, and never stopped learning. img_2573

These are my thoughts on all things trouncing.
You’ll get to know me as you read my posts.
Life is an adventure, sometimes merciless and sometimes grand–
I can’t wait to see where it takes us.


1966792_10151929017212592_1419137960_n               IMG_1515


  1. Sonora Watson says:

    Katie, I just discovered this. I am so impressed and proud of you. I know that you and Andrew are having a wonderful time.


  2. Barbara Michael says:

    Katie, I am proud and honored to have been a part of your Louisiana life. I love you and I miss you everyday. Keep doing what you are doing, because you are simply amazing. Please give Andrew my love.

    Missing you in Louisiana!



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