Every Square Inch

                                       Colorado 2015 103

I’m sitting on top of a mountain, miles away from anyone– and I realize that all that really matters– are relationships with other people, and our own limited perspective of the world around us. And all I want to do is explore every square inch so that I can have a better understanding, an understanding of self, and  of others.

I take a drink from a crisp, snow melt stream and nothing tastes more pure. The sunshine lines the mountains with a crest of gold. The Earth suddenly stands still. I am tiny, insignificant, and growing customarily used to my single spot on Earth where I plant my two feet. It’s comfortable, and I think that perhaps this is what I have been searching for. I ramble on.

Colorado 2015 012Colorado 2015 086Colorado 2015 095Colorado 2015 155

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