Funky in Seattle


I’m not going to pretend to know everything about Seattle.  There’s nothing that I can write here that hasn’t been done before. But what I do know is that I’ve been obsessed with checking out the City of Swass since Free Willy circa, 1993. My 90s  kids with me? So here’s my ‘mouthy broad’ attempt at describing the free spirit city of Seattle via photo.


Seattle 999999998.JPG

Seattle 7.JPG

Seattle 2.JPG


Seattle 1.JPG

The neighborhoods surrounding Puget Sound

Seattle 8.JPG

Views accompanied by fishmonger songs

Seattle 99.JPG

pull up character at the market

Seattle 99999.JPG

Las Agaves, Tacos

Seattle 5.JPG

Seattle 999.JPG

Vintage Poster

Seattle 999999.JPG

Fried fish and even better fries from Jack’s Fish & Chips Spot, Market

Seattle 9.JPG

Gum Wall

Seattle 111.JPG

Seattle 9999.JPG

seattle 4.JPG

Seattle 6.JPG

Seattle 11.JPG

Seattle 9999999.JPG

But the real story here was about an impromptu interview with a father, son, and friend who worked at Jack’s Fish & Chips. They were generations past, born & bred in Seattle. Their story started out standard; prices have risen in the city. After all, Seattle earns a reputation for bumping California, NY, and Boston housing prices around in the fight for most expensive housing market in the U.S. every year. I expected for them to say that they had to move to the outskirts or to reveal some sort of anger about all of the yuppies moving in. They didn’t. They just expressed pride for their city and desperately wished people were as friendly as they used to be. They even admitted that they still manage to live downtown but that long term residents take care of each other with preferential low renting rates in buildings that are impossible for outsiders to rent. Seattleites take care of eachother.

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