Adventure Ideas

Never Stop Wandering. Never stop wondering.
An inspirational quote I’ve grown to love.

I have been compiling a list of trip ideas for my lifetime, and in an effort to generate feedback , I’m publishing them today. The goal here is to initiate a discussion about places that you WILL go, because they call you, spark your imagination, and take you mind far away from the ordinary.

So, here it goes: my life-plan, specifics aside, in no particular order. Forgive my short-hand

1. Greece: kayaking in Santorini+ Check out Athens
2. Cheap Trip: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest
3. India: Taj Mahal, cuisine, spice tour
4. Berlin (2-3 days)+ Eastern European countries by train
5. Fairytales: Munich, Bavaria, Neuwinchtein, climb Ultz Cathedral, Black Forrest(could also do Austria here/Switzerland)
6. Thailand: swimming with whale sharks
7. Russia: Moscow in summer/St. Petersburg train trip, artwork in the subways, Kizhi Pogost
8.West Coast: Whale watching Puget Sound+ guided  boat, British Columbia (Vancouver) Possible cheap leg to Hawaiian islands here, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Jungle Waterfalls, A day on the beach
9.Alaska, get a cabin, summertime, Kenai Peninsula, meet an Inuit, rent a car, photograph wildlife
10. Asian cities: Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul –ride great wall of China on a motorcycle, Taste REAL Asian cuisine, visit schools there to observe education cultural differences, then possibly go back to teach English
11. Istanbul, Hagia Sofia, baths, befriend a local to tour mosques
12. Make it through strengent security at Tel-Aviv airport, (must do when passport does not have any Arab stamps) Biblical tour Jerusalem, Photograph the colorful markets in the old city, Dom of the Rock, Ride a camel through the desert to Petra, and a donkey up cliffs.
13. See the Himalaya mountains, hike easier parts of them, Nepal ride llamas, Buhtan Tiger’s Nest Monastery
14. Iceland when we have more $, hiking, waterfalls, northern lights, I’ve heard it’s expensive
New Zealand when we have more $ rent a sleeper-van, tour to Antarctica from south, kayaking on South island, hobbit hole from LOTR
16. NYC statue of liberty, Ellis Island, China town, Yankees & mets games, springtime
17. UK tour London,castles, edinburogh, stonehenge, Scottish highlands, Western Ireland cliffs, Ireland-drive the countryside
18. Scandanavia
19.  Las Vegas-short trip/hoover dam, 3 day weekend
20. Drive California from South to North, Pacific Coast Highway
21. Visit Philippines, enjoy nature, rice terraces, chocolate hills, snorkeling
22. Y
osemite in summertime, study geological formations, hike, sleep in a tent, photograph wildlife
23. Family trip to Lake Tahoe and the Redwood Forrest
24. Washington DC when my future children are old enough to appreciate it ( kids 11+)
25. U.S. Northeast in the fall, tree colors, New Hampshire, bed and breakfast
26. Maine coast in the summertime with my future family, Eat Lobster, get a sunburn
27. Polar bear tour, northern Canada, northern lights, (possibly Churchill or Yellowknife) around October, speak to Inuits
28. Boston/Philly, baseball, old north church, tuns tavern, liberty hall, 4th of July trip, fireworks,
29. Back to Southern Utah with my future family-camping-Moab, walk rivers
30. The outback, Sydney, Great Barrier Reef
31. Almafi coast, back to Italy
32. Safari in an undecided location, possibly Northeast South Africa, to find  the “Mountain Pride” of Singita Game Reserves, Big FIVE game quest
33. Seal Island tour by boat, c’mon we’ve all seen “Air-Jaws”
31. Landscapes and culture of Chile
32. Rio De Janero, slums and all, Brazilian rain forest, coffee production
33. Galapagos Islands flying in from Ecuador- tortoises, solidified magma fields, black footed boobies
(more to come, I’m sure of it)

So, any suggestions or input out there? Did I spark an interest of your own? I’d love to hear about it.

Western Wyoming

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